Programing And Systems Control

Model 1310 Vehicle System Controller
The latest generation of Curtis controllers, AC, allows
for dynamic system configuration with embedded VCL.
The new Curtis Vehicle Controller, Model 1310,
extends this capability to other Curtis controllers. It is a
single-point “Master” control of multiple vehicle
functions which can be applied to electric vehicles, nonelectric
vehicles and stationary control systems. Model
1310 works in conjunction with Curtis CAN-based
motor controllers and other CAN-open devices. It uses
the industry standard 2-wire CAN-bus technology and
integrates digital and analog signals with applicationspecific

Model 1311 Handheld Programmer
Provides simple and intuitive programming, testing
and diagnosing of Curtis motor controllers and
auxiliary devices.

Model 1314 PC Programming Station
Powerful Windows® interface for adjusting settings,
troubleshooting and recording the parameters of any
Curtis product with a serial or CAN-bus interface.
Model 1314 is compatible with all microprocessorbased
Curtis motor controllers and chargers.



Programing And Systems Control


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